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Vertical Turret milling machine M3,M4, M5 hot selling in Indiamart for India Market

Technical Parameter

Technical SPEC Unit M3 M4 M5 M6S
Long travel(X) mm 800 Swallow   guide rail 900 Swallow   guide rail 800

Swallow   guide rail

900 Swallow   guide rail 450(Square guide rail) 450(Square

guide rail)

Cross travel(Y) mm 450 Swallow guide rail 450 Rectangular guide rail 1000 Swallow guide rail 1000 Swallow

guide rail

Vertical travel(Z) mm 520 Swallow guide rail 520 (Swallow   guide rail) 500 Square tail rail 500 Square tail rail
T-slot No.and size mm 3×16×63
Ram travel 600 610
Spindle hole taper Standard :R8 NT40
Spindle Sleeve travel mm 120 127
Spindle Speed steps 16
rpm 70-4800 70-4620
Spindle motor KW/HP 2.2Kw/3HP 3.7Kw
Automatic lifting 2.9kw
Head swivel ° 90°
Head tilting ° 45°
Dimension of package mm


1500×1450×2200 1500×1450×2200 1650×1900×2350
N.W/set KG 1100Kg 1100Kg 1700Kg
Table size

(Standard=S /Big Size=B)

mm/” 254×1270 254×1370 254×1270 254×1370 320×1470

Equipment Introduction
1. Vertical Turret milling machine is compact in structure, small in size and high in flexibility. The milling head can rotate 90° left and right, and 45° forward and backward. The ram can not only retract back and forth, but also rotate 360° in the horizontal plane, thus greatly expanding the machine tool’s capacity. Effective working range.
2. Vertical Turret milling machine is made of SC250 cast iron, with strong structure, no deformation and good stability. The main shaft is made of 40 chrome alloy steel. After quenching and tempering heat treatment and precision grinding, it is equipped with a combination of precision-grade beveled ball bearings. It has strong cutting force and excellent precision.
3. The triaxial angle seat nut is made of high-grade phosphor bronze (PBC-2), which has good wear resistance and long service life.
4. The X, Y, Z axis slide-ways are attached with TURCITE-B wear-resistant sheets, which are light in operation, low in wear rate and durable.
5. Equipped with improved electrical box and controller.
6. The spindle can choose R8, NT30/NT40.

Standard Equipment
Use manual
Tool box

Optional Equipment
Flat pliers
X Knife Walker
Water pump
Water Tray

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