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What are the product analysis and structure of metal band sawing machine

What are the product analysis and product structure of the metal band sawing machine: The metal band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing various metal materials such as carbon planning steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, extra alloy steel, stainless steel, and acid-resistant steel. According to the structure, it is divided into horizontal metal band sawing machine, vertical metal band sawing machine, CNC metal band sawing machine, and angle metal band sawing machine. The horizontal type is divided into scissors type and double column (main and auxiliary column) type band sawing machines; according to the application status, it is divided into manual type (economical manual feeding and manual cutting of materials), active type; according to the automation program of the controller, it can be divided into manual type (semi-active manual feeding) and full active type (active feeding and active cutting); according to the cutting angle, it can be divided into angle band saw (can saw 0-60 degrees)

The main components of the double-column horizontal metal band sawing machine are: bottom seat; bed, column; saw beam and transmission arrangement; guiding equipment; workpiece clamping; tensioning equipment; feeding frame; hydraulic transmission system; electrical control system; lubrication and cooling system.

The hydraulic transmission system of the metal band sawing machine is composed of a hydraulic circuit which includes pumps, valves, cylinders, tanks, pipelines and other auxiliary parts. The lifting of the saw beam and the clamping of the workpiece are completed under electrical control. Through the speed control valve, the stepless speed regulation of the feed speed can be implemented to meet the needs of sawing workpieces of different materials.

The electrical control system of the metal band sawing machine consists of a control circuit composed of an electrical box, a control box, a junction box, a travel switch, an electromagnet, etc., which are used to control the rotation of the saw blade, the lifting of the saw beam, and the clamping of the workpiece to a certain degree, which will complete the normal cutting.

Band saw blades for band saws mainly include bimetal band saw blades, carbide band saw blades and diamond band saw blades. The specific saw blade specifications and models should be purchased according to the size of the sawing machine model. Whether the saw blades are domestic saw blades or imported saw blades. It needs to be controlled according to the cost of the enterprise, and according to the price that one can accept.

Before starting the lubrication system of the metal band saw machine must be lubricated according to the lubrication parts of the machine tool (wire brush shaft, worm gear box, active bearing seat, worm bearing, upper and lower shaft of the lifting cylinder, and clamping screw on the sliding surface of the movable vise). The worm gear and worm in the worm gear box are lubricated by No. 30 oil bath, written by the oil plug hole on the upper part of the worm gear box, and there is an oil mark on the box. When the saw beam is at the lowest position, the oil level should be at the upper and lower limits of the oil mark between. The oil should be changed after one month of use, and thereafter every 3-6 months. The lower part of the worm gear box is provided with an oil drain plug.

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