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Safety operation procedures and maintenance of bench drilling machine

1、 Safety operation specification for bench drilling machine

1. Before operation, the operator must be familiar with the performance, purpose and operation precautions of the machine. Novices are strictly prohibited to operate the machine alone.

2. Operators shall wear appropriate clothes and gloves during operation.

3. Start the dust collection system before operation.

4. Before starting up, check whether the voltage and frequency on the circuit board are consistent with the power supply.

5. Each contact pin on the power plug and socket of the machine tool shall be reliable without looseness and poor contact.

6. The wires should be kept away from high temperature, greasy and sharp edges. The machine tool should be grounded. Do not pull the power cord on the socket hard.

7. In case of accident, the power supply shall be cut off immediately before maintenance.

8. When the machine tool is working or overhauling, the protective cover shall be installed around the work site.

9. Keep the work area clean and tidy. Do not use machine tools in messy, humid, weak light, flammable and explosive places. The operator’s hair should not be too long to avoid being involved during operation.

10. Do not work beyond the cutting capacity of Z to avoid overload of the machine tool.

11. Do not operate the machine after drinking or fatigue, keep the machine vertical, and do not overturn and dump.

12. Regularly maintain the machine, maintain the sharpness of the drill bit, and pay attention to adding cutting fluid during cutting.

13. Before use, carefully check the vulnerable parts of the bench drill for timely repair or replacement.

14. When drilling a hole with a large diameter, it shall be cut at a low speed.

15. The handle that should be locked must be locked before the machine works, and the workpiece should be clamped reliably.

16. When the operator wants to leave the post for something, he must turn off the machine first to avoid talking with others during operation.

17. In case of abnormal operation, the machine shall be shut down immediately and handed over to professional personnel for maintenance. During maintenance, ensure that the power supply is disconnected.

18. Before going off duty, the wood chips around the machine must be cleaned. Wood chips are not allowed to accumulate on the motor, and the daily maintenance of the equipment must be done well.

19. This machine is a special machine for special personnel. Non operators are strictly prohibited to start up and operate. If they insist, the operator shall bear the consequences.

2、 Maintenance and cleaning of bench drill:

1. Clean the debris on the table after work

2. Oil the spindle and collet regularly

3. Regularly check the tension of the spindle belt

4. When not in use for a long time, the surface shall be coated with butter to prevent rust on the surface

5. Regularly clean the burrs on the chuck surface

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