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A 330B fully automatic metal band sawing machine delivered to Canada customer

Recently, our company successfully exported a 330B fully automatic metal band sawing machine to a company in Spain. After long-time block-down due to the epidemic impact.

Customer waiting for so long time and take this chance we would express our apologies and thank to our client.

At present, the metal bandsaw machine is already used by customer and they are very happy with the machine. This bandsaw machine is produced by Client’s requirement. All the electric parts take use of UL and CSA standard.

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHICNC Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name Metal band saw Model No. 330B(max. Cutting diameter 330mm) Export Country Canada
Customer Introduction Since 1935, Our client  has specialized in providing expert advice, technical information and machinery to end users through a network of qualified dealers in Canada from coast to coast. They represent leading foreign machinery manufacturers by providing a sales and technical channel to the Canadian market– saving end users from the hassle, cost and risk associated with importing a single machine.

If any customer want metalworking machinery such as lathe, turning machine, VMC machine center, metal bandsaw machine, Radial drilling machines, milling machines, Welcome to contact our client. You can also find local agent via consulting with our sales by Thank you!

Equipment Application Client is a very big machine tools distributor in Canada market. If any customer from Canada market wants ANTS MACHINE Products, Please go for our business partner.
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