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Causes of the dragging of the band saw

1. Improper selection of the teeth of the band saw machine results in the dragging of the band saw blade.
Improper selection of tooth pitch can easily lead to saw blade dragging. If the user cuts arbitrarily regardless of whether the material being cut is solid or hollow, and regardless of the pitch of the material being cut, tooth drag will definitely happen.

2. The band sawing machine is affected by the vibration of the surrounding equipment.
If the screws that fix the sawing machine are loose, the saw frame will be affected and began to shake. The saw blade is prone to drag teeth when it is shaken during the cutting process.

3. Tooth drag caused by the cylinder on the band saw.
Air entering into the oil cylinder, damage to the oil cylinder or out of control of the control valve, etc., will cause the saw frame to fall unevenly, which will lead to the phenomenon of tooth dragging.

Choose high-quality band saws, whose rigidity and working function can prevent the influence of oscillation and various stresses on the band saw blade. To operate a band sawing machine, you need to know the various functions of the sawing machine’s various systems, know all the parameters, and be able to practice skillfully. Only in this way can the service life of the bi-metal band saw blade and the working efficiency of the band sawing machine be ensured.

According to the material to be cut, select the appropriate saw blade width, tooth profile and tooth pitch. The correct use of the sawing parameters of the band saw machine, which mainly includes saw-band wire speed, feed, saw band tension and so on.

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