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Grinding method of step surface

The step surface of the workpiece can be ground by the end surface of the grinding wheel after the outer circle is ground. When grinding, the grinding wheel needs to be withdrawn slightly laterally, and the worktable is turned by hand. After the grinding wheel is in contact with the end surface of the workpiece, make intermittent feeding, and pay attention to pouring sufficient cutting fluid to avoid burning the workpiece. Generally, the end face of the grinding wheel can be repaired into a concave shape to reduce the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece and improve the grinding quality.

Grinding the step surface, the grinding wheel is subject to great side pressure, therefore, the workbench should be moved carefully during operation. When the end of the workpiece is in contact with the grinding wheel, you can gently tap the longitudinal feed handwheel with your hand. The feed is small and uniform.

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