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Precautions for centerless grinder

01: check the surrounding conditions of the machine before startup. No articles shall be placed on the machine, and the workpieces shall be placed neatly.

02: before startup, check whether the berth of the parking box is normal, the water level of the cooling water tank, the clearance between the grinding wheel, guide wheel and the supporting blade are normal, and whether there are working objects or sundries in the machine tool.

03: before startup, check whether the switch is reliable and confirm whether the safety protection of the protective cover is effective.

04: turn on the power, start the hydraulic switch, observe whether the pressure of the hydraulic gauge of the machine tool is normal, and then check whether there is oil flowing through each parking mirror and pipe.

05: before starting up, the grinding wheel and guide wheel dressing seat must be wiped clean, and the mooring cup must be filled with oil.

06: before startup, operators must be trained according to the operation instructions to make them understand various work operation processes.

07: the machine can be started only after the above confirmation is correct.

08: turn on the main power supply and turn it to the on position.

09: turn on the hydraulic switch to the on position.

10: Check the parking mirror of the hydraulic system and open the sand guide wheel after the oil gauge is stable.

11: After the grinding wheel and guide wheel operate normally, turn on the water pump and adjust to the appropriate water volume.

12: Adjust the machine for trial grinding of 1-3 workpieces, first check the size and appearance of the workpieces, and put the adjusted products into the adjustment box.

13: Batch production can only be carried out after passing the test.

14: After start-up production, the operator must conduct self inspection on the first sample and record it according to the operation instruction.

15: In case of any abnormality in the production process, stop the machine immediately, report and fill in relevant forms.

16: When the machine is shut down, turn the water pump motor switch to the off position to stop the water supply, and take out the working objects left in the machine tool.

17: The grinding wheel and guide wheel shall be idled continuously for more than 5 minutes to stop the water supply, so as to avoid the imbalance of the grinding wheel when starting up again. Until the water is drained, turn the power switch of the grinding wheel and guide wheel to the off position.

18: After the grinding wheel and guide wheel stop, turn the oil pressure switch to off position (do not stop the oil pressure motor first to avoid oil loss and wear of bearing bush and main shaft)

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