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CNC Vertical Lathe Machine VTL3000ATC

Item Unit VTL3000ATC
Max. swing diameter mm 3500
Table diameter mm 3000
Max. turning diameter mm 3400
Max.turning height mm 2000
Max.loading weight t 20
Maximum torque of worktable KN.m 100
Table speed range r/min 2~63
Vertical turret horizontal travel mm -50~1900
Vertical turret slide travel mm 1000
Slide section size mm2 240×240
Arbor section size mm2 40×40
Cutting force of right turret KN 50
Cutting force of left turret KN 45
Tool post feed range mm/min 0.1~2000
Feed series   Stepless
Rapid moving speed of knife post mm/min 2000
Feed servo motor torque N.m 27
Beam moving speed mm/min 300
Motor power KW 65
Beam lifting motor power KW 11
Machine weight t 46
Machine Tool Dimensions mm  6180x5200x5870

Product Description

VTL3000ATC CNC double-column vertical lathe introduces advanced technology at home and abroad for our company, adopts CAD software to optimize design, implements the latest national precision standards and safety standards, and is equipped with advanced and reliable electromechanical components at home and abroad. It has excellent structural performance and strong rigidity of the machine tool. , can satisfy strong cutting, the workbench can bear large tonnage load, good stability, high efficiency, safe and reliable.

This machine tool is a gantry frame type double turret CNC vertical lathe with a maximum processing diameter of 3500mm, a worktable diameter of 3000mm, a processing height of 2000mm, and a maximum load of 20T on the worktable. It is driven by a 65KW motor, with flexible and stable speed change, large torque and high rotation accuracy. , Low noise.

The machine tool can process various metal materials and alloys, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic materials and other workpieces, and can complete inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, planes, arc surfaces, various complex-shaped rotary surfaces, and inner and outer ring grooves. Finish turning.

Equipment main structural features

The machine tool is a gantry structure. There are left and right columns, connecting beams and workbench bases connected to each other to form a frame structure, which consists of gantry frame, main transmission gearbox, workbench, beam, beam lifting mechanism, left and right tool holders, hydraulic devices, electric control cabinets, etc. composition.

1.Table part
It consists of a workbench, a workbench base, a spindle device and a transmission mechanism.
The workbench has the functions of start, stop, jog and speed change. The main shaft is equipped with double-row radial short cylindrical roller bearings, and its inner ring has a tapered hole. The radial clearance is adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the main shaft. The workbench adopts constant current static pressure guide rail to bear the load in the vertical direction, and the machine tool can work normally under the condition of ambient temperature 0–40 ℃.

2. Gantry
The gantry frame consists of left and right columns and connecting beams. There is a lifting box on the upper part of the gantry, which is driven by an AC motor, and the beam moves up and down along the left and right column guide rails through the worm gear pair and double screw screws. The left and right columns of the machine tool, connecting beams and other large parts are made of high-strength, low-stress cast iron materials with a hardness of HB170-190, which makes the machine tool have greater strength and higher rigidity. After aging treatment, the stress is eliminated to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.

3. Beam part
It is composed of beam, horizontal feed transmission structure, clamping mechanism and hydraulic device.
The beam is made of high-strength and low-stress cast iron, which has sufficient rigidity and strength. After aging treatment, it ensures the accuracy of the machine tool. The corner surface of the beam and the column guide rail is glued with a PTFE wear-resistant guide rail soft belt, which has a small friction number and greatly prolongs the service life of the machine tool. The beam is placed in front of the column so that the beam can move vertically on the column. There are 4 hydraulic clamping points behind the beam. The clamping mechanism is interlocked with the beam lifting motor and lubrication. It is controlled by the beam lifting button to ensure the stability of the beam.

4.Tool holders are BT50
The left and right tool holders are CNC tool holders, which are composed of beam slides, rams, balance cylinders, ball screws, planetary reducers, and servo motor components. The ram adopts the square ram made of QT500 material (the cross-section is 240x240mm). The feed rate is set by the servo motor. The vertical ram is driven by the servo motor to move the ball screw for vertical movement. The tool post ram is equipped with a hydraulic balance device. To balance the weight of the ram part, make the ram move smoothly, without carding or crawling.
The gearbox is driven by a 65KW electric motor, and the gear is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The gear material is 42 chrome molybdenum, which has been treated with high-grade quenching, and the hardness reaches HRC52-58. The tooth surface is ground, and the precision can reach grade 6.

5. Machine tool hydraulic system
The main control components of the hydraulic system are all made by well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, with reliable performance. The main functions of the system are:
①Provide shifting power for the hydraulic cylinder of the main transmission gearbox;
② Supply oil for the static pressure device of the guide rail of the workbench;
③ Supply oil to the ram balance cylinder;
④ Supply oil for the beam clamping cylinder system;
⑤ Lubricating oil supply related to machine tools.

6.lubrication system
Each lubrication system of the whole machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication station to ensure that each lubrication point can be fully lubricated regularly and quantitatively. The left and right tool holders have a set of automatic lubrication stations.

7. Electrical System
The machine tool is controlled by Siemens 828D numerical control system. The system control components and motor drive unit are all installed in an independent power distribution cabinet, and all operating components are centrally installed on the floor cabinet type button station. The operation control part is concentrated on the independent floor-standing operation table, and the CNC tool post and DVT tool post are equipped with hand-held units, which is easy, convenient and flexible to operate.

Power supply: three-phase AC 380V±10%, 50HZ.
The electrical design of the machine tool conforms to international general design standards, can meet the relevant process requirements of the buyer, and has necessary interlocking, interlocking and protection devices.

Standard Equipment
Chuck Jaws
Tool holder for CNC tool post
Chuck wrench
Fork wrench
Elbow wrench
Hex socket
Hex wrench
Foot screw
Grease gun

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