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How to choose the right pipe/tube bending machine?

The pipe bending machine is mainly used for bending steel pipes in electric power construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc., and has the advantages of many functions, reasonable structure, and simple operation.

Recently, the Shanghai ANTS team received a consultation from a pipe processing company in Panama. The customer is looking for a pipe bending machine that can meet the processing needs of a variety of different pipe sizes at the same time, and provided detailed drawings and information.Customers need to bend 7 different sizes of pipes, of which the maximum diameter is 48mm and the thickness is 3mm.

After our technical confirmation, we recommended the customer DW-63NC single-head hydraulic pipe bender. This equipment can meet all the processing needs of customers at the same time, and only need to replace different molds to use, which greatly saves the cost of customer equipment, improves the efficiency of customer use, and brings greater benefits to customers.

Main specifications Unit DW63NC
Max. bending diameter x Wall thickness mm Φ63×2
Max. bending radius mm R300
Mini. bending radius mm R≥1.5D
Max. bending Angle Degree 190
Standard core length mm 2600
Control system / Microcomputer control
Number of elbow allowed for pipe fitting Unit 16
Number of parts that can be stored Unit 16×16
Oil motor power KW 7.5
Max system pressure Mpa 12
Hydraulic system control   Solenoid valve
Tank volume L 220
Machine dimensions mm 3300×1000×1300
Machine weight Kg 1300

If you are also a manufacturer of pipe projects, or have similar processing needs,

Welcome to consult Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Company Sales Team.We have rich experience in the manufacture and production of pipe bends, and can provide you with professional technical support.

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