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Practical Application Cases of 5-axis CNC Tool Grinder

Recently, Shanghai ANTISHICNC received an inquiry from a precision cutting tool company in Egypt. The customer sent a picture of the work piece planned for mass production, and gave a processing efficiency requirement of 100-200 pieces per hour. After learning more about the material and size of the customer’s work piece, the precision requirements, we recommended the company’s latest 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine C818 Minipower.

The sales team of Shanghai ANTISHICNC sent the detailed technical parameters of the C818 Minipower 5-axis CNC tool special grinding machine, related videos, and pictures of the actual grinding work piece samples to the customer. Timely and professional services are fully affirmed by customers. The machine is designed based on the experience of the German 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine (WRT) and the actual operation experience of the designers, as well as exchanges at the cutting tool production site. It is reflected in practicality, economy, operation, maintenance, stability and high efficiency.

The machine tool adopts an integral imported plexiglass round door, which is convenient for unlimited operation and maintenance of the machine tool. The fully enclosed protective cover meets production safety. In order to cope with the production of special tools, the relative positional relationship of the servo axis of the equipment can be optimized. Mechanism corresponding to machining of various tools.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial lathe machinery and machine tools in China with more than 20 years of experience, Shanghai ANTISHICNC produces tool grinders that are widely used in the mold industry, automobile manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, and infrastructure industry, and has won unanimous praise from customers. , C818 Minipower is a tool grinding machine manufactured by Shanghai ANTISHICNC that can be used for various tool processing.

Shanghai ANTISHICNC sales team adheres to the principle of being responsible to customers, and will always provide customers with the best solution for customers. If you have any questions or needs, please contact Shanghai ANTISHICNC sales team!

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