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The Association’s Combined Machine Tool Branch Held the Third (expanded) Meeting of the Ninth Council

On November 8, 2022, the Third Council (Expanded) Meeting of the Ninth Session of the Combined Machine Tool Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The theme of the conference is “Digital Intelligence, Combining Innovation”. 59 representatives from 41 member units including General Technology Group Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu High-precision Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Hengli Combined Machine Tool Co., Ltd. attended the conference. Guo Changcheng, executive vice chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, attended the meeting, which was presided over by Jiang Huaisheng, chairman of the branch and director of Dalian Machine Tool Research Institute.

At the meeting, Guo Changcheng made a special report entitled “Situation Analysis and Development Prospects of the Machine Tool Industry”, analyzing the corporate structure and operating indicators, industry market status and industry development trends of China’s machine tool industry since 2021, and the impact on the machine tool industry. The favorable and unfavorable factors of development are analyzed in depth, and the prospect of the machine tool industry is predicted and forecasted. Liu Qingle, Secretary-General of the Combined Machine Tool Branch, made a report on the work of the branch council, summarizing the key tasks completed by the Combined Machine Tool Branch and the development status of companies in the combined machine tool industry under the influence of unfavorable factors such as the new crown epidemic. Reasonable suggestions and practical measures are put forward for the thorny problems. Representatives of member units present at the meeting made on-site exchange speeches, conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as production technology, market operations, general parts and special machine pricing, payment methods, and delivery cycles in the combined machine tool industry, and exchanged business management, technological innovation, and skills. Talent training and other experiences and practices.

The meeting also invited Professor Wang Dequan, chairman of Dalian Maisi Information Technology Co., Ltd., to give a technical report entitled “Industrial Metaverse-Virtual Digital Smart Factory Platform, Realizing Deep Integration of Virtual Reality and Industrial Internet”, which is an important contribution to the digitalization of enterprises in the machine tool industry. In the process of transformation, it is necessary to pay attention to technology integration and innovation, strengthen the integration and application innovation of virtual reality technology in the industrial field, and actively carry out case analysis and experience sharing on issues such as the construction of digital virtual factories. The application of the application extends from R&D, design, processing, assembly, inspection and other production links to service links such as equipment management, remote diagnosis and maintenance, and puts forward valuable experience references. Gao Yonggang, chairman of Dalian Yuanli Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., made a report entitled “Research on Intelligent Low-Carbon High-pressure Cooling System of Green Machine Tools under the Background of Carbon Neutrality”, focusing on intelligent online measurement of machine tools to solve chip entanglement, improve tool life and process Precision and other issues, exchanged the principles and advantages of high-pressure cooling technology, in order to lead the trend of green manufacturing in the machine tool industry, and put forward suggestions to achieve carbon neutrality in the entire value chain in the industry.

The successful convening of this meeting enabled member units to further understand the trend of digital transformation and development of the machine tool industry, deepened the understanding of industry transformation and upgrading and the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, and enhanced the communication and integration among member units, which is beneficial to the common combination. The development of the machine tool industry explores a broader way out.



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