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The structure principle of the bow sawing machine

The saw bow equipped with the saw blade makes reciprocating motion and feeds by the saw frame swinging around a single point. The machine tool has a simple structure, small volume, but low efficiency. The trajectory of the saw blade of the hack saw machine has two kinds of linear and arc. When arcing, the saw bow swings a small angle around a point. Each saw tooth has a large cutting amount, easy chip removal and high efficiency. Most of the new bow sawing machines adopt this method.

1. Operating procedures of bow sawing machine

1. The saw blade must be tightened when installing the saw blade, and the workpiece must be clamped firmly and placed horizontally and perpendicularly to the saw blade.

2. The vise must be installed so that the center of the saw material is in the middle of the saw bow stroke. When cutting an angle or square material, the vise must be tightened after rotating.

3. Before working, check whether the hydraulic device is working properly at each position of the gate valve handle. When the car is empty, the control handle should be placed in the “stationary” or “open” position. When the material is to be cut, the handle should be placed in the feed Position so that the saw blade slowly descends to contact the workpiece. Then switch to “slow feed”. After confirming that the work is normal, then go to the required feed rate.

4. The coolant must be adequate and clean.

5. It is strictly forbidden to change the speed during the operation of the machine tool, and do not stop before the saw blade is lifted. After working, put the handle in the non-working position and cut off the power supply.

2. Analysis of operation problems of bow sawing machine

1. Running speed is too fast
When the customer cuts steel that is too hard quickly, it is obvious that the band saw blade is severely heated. Due to the excessive feed speed, pressure and high temperature will damage your saw band, the main manifestation is that the teeth are broken and the back material is cracked. Therefore, you must Clear the nature of the workpiece, and set it to the correct cutting speed. Under normal circumstances, the speed of tough workpieces needs to be slowed down, and the speed of ordinary soft steel should be increased. Please check the operation manual or the specific data of the feed speed chart, or consult the machine saw blade dealer, and ask a technician for help to obtain the correct cutting speed.

2. Lower the temperature
When the temperature of the saw band is overheated, it will increase the wear of the tooth material and reduce the cutting performance of the tool. The cutting fluid is used to cool, lubricate, and wash away the debris. The cutting fluid needs to be mixed with water in a certain proportion, and the cooling fluid can be recycled and used continuously. The entire cutting process, but must be replaced regularly, you should also prevent debris from entering the hydraulic oil.

3. Use with wire brush
Most sawing machines have a rotating wire brush, which is made of strong wire. It is used to clean the debris on the bimetallic saw blade, avoiding the phenomenon of toothing due to the small particles sticking to the saw blade. The wire brush needs to be close enough to the saw. piece.

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