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XK7145A XH7145A XHS7145 CNC Milling Machine

Product Description:

1.This XH7145A CNC milling machine center of feed shaft controlled by X,Y,Z coordinate , spindle driven by Frequency motor.All kinds of plate, sheet, shell, cam, moulds and some other complicated parts’ can realized holding by one time, more difference machining procedule such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, tapping can be finished, applicable for more kinds, medium-small batch production,specially advanced in machining the complicated and high precision spare parts.

2.The CNC system has the function of interlock alarm, safety protection and fault diagnosis and has RS232 standard communication taeminals, can connected with computer for program control and memory, DNC production.

Product Features :
1. XH7145A Machine center’s base, slide, worktable, column, spindle and other main parts applicated high rigid cast iron structure, guarantee the main parts’ high rigid and anti-vibration. The main parts all adopted by resin sand and aging treatment, assuring the stability of the machine.

2.X,Y, Z-axis adopted linear rolling guide rail, eliminating the feeding friction resistance and low speed creep, longer machine precision life.

Product Advantages :
1..X, Y, Z-axis adopted famous brand high precision ball lead screw, resulted high rapid speed and high positional accuracy.

2.X, Y, Z-axis guide way and lead screws adopted full confined protection, assuring the cleaness of lead screw and guide way as well asmachine’s transmission and motion precision.

3.The outside protection of the machine is full-closed structure, guarantee the safety. semi-closed protection is also available.

4.XH7145A CNC milling machine center tool operation system by the principle of human body engineering design, easy operation.

5.XH7145A CNC milling machine center Manual central lubrication and high stability.

6.Famous CNC system, FANUC, KND, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI for your choices.

X-axis travel mm 600 700 700
Y- axis travel mm 450 450 450
Z- axis travel mm 500 500 500
Spindle nose to table mm 130-630 120-620 120-620
Spindle center to column guide-way face mm 485 460 460
High speed feeding of X,Y, axis mm/min 24000 12000 12000
High speed feeding of Z axis mm/min 18000 10000 10000
Feeding speed mm/min 1-5000 1-5000 1-5000
Size of table mm 1000×450 1000×450 1000×450
Max. loading capacity of table kg 600 600 600
T-slot NO./width /distance of table 3/18/160 5/18/80 5/18/80
Spindle max. speed r/min 8000 8000 8000
Main motor rated power kw 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5
Spindle nose taper BT40 BT40 BT40
ax. diameter of tools mm 80/130 80/130
Max. length of tools 300 300
Max. weight of tools kg 6 6 6
Positioning accuracy mm 0.025(GB)0.016(Real) 0.025(GB)0.016(Real) 0.05(GB)0.02(Real)
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.015(GB)0.008(Real) 0.015(GB)0.01(Real) 0.02(GB)0.012(Real)
Pneumatic press mpa 0.6 0.6 0.6
N.W kg 3500 3500 3400
Overall dimension mm 2500x2000x2450 2500x2000x2450 2500×2000×2450

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