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ANTISHI Machine EQUIPMENT Company Successfully Exported Seven Band Saw Machines to Argentina Customer

This month, our company successfully exported a 330B Metal Band Saw Machine, three CS220 Saw Machines, and three BS-280G Saw Machines to a company in Argentina.

Our client is an international manufacturer of hard metals for aluminium and cermet and has considerable experience in cermet sharpening services and worm and sharpening technical services. And continuous innovation in cold metal cutting has high requirements for machine quality.

ANTISHI’s new generation band sawing machine has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, energy saving, narrow saw mouth, material saving, energy saving, high sawing precision, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

At present, 7 metal band sawing machines have been produced and are waiting for shipment. It is hoped that the metal band sawing machine of the ANTISHI brand can be put into the customer’s production site as soon as possible to improve the efficiency and precision for the customer.

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHI Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name Metal band saw Model No. 330B Band Saw Machine
CS220 Saw Machine
BS-280G Saw Machine
Export Country Argentina
Customer Introduction The customer is looking for a fully automatic band saw to cut brass rods up to 330mm in diameter, as well as a miter band saw to cut small steel pipes
Equipment Application ANTISHI recommends customers to choose our three most suitable band sawing machines, 330B Band Saw Machine; CS220 Saw Machine; BS-280G Saw Machine, to meet customers’ requirements for cutting different sizes and different processing methods
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330B Band Saw Machine
CS220 Saw Machine
BS-280G Saw Machine

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