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CNC automatic pipe bending machine DW130NC

Equipment features:
1.High-speed single-head hydraulic pipe bender, using microcomputer control, multiple sets of programs, and multiple angle settings, makes the operation simple and convenient.

2.English subtitle display, man-machine dialogue operation, you can choose any manual, half-cycle, or full-cycle operation mode.

3. The use of high-performance imported hydraulic valves and electrical components.

4.It is equipped with a large-capacity cooling system to effectively control the working temperature.

5.The whole machine has the characteristics of easy operation, stable performance, high work efficiency and high safety factor. It is an ideal equipment for the pipe fitting processing industry.

6. You can choose any manual or semi-automatic operation mode, and the mobile foot switch has both start and emergency stop functions.

Technical Parameters

Specification Unit DW130NC    Remark
Maximum bending pipe diameter × wall thickness mm Φ130×10 1. The minimum bending radius is based on the diameter of the pipe


2. The maximum bending radius can be based on customer requirements


3.The maximum through the center length can be based on customer requirements

Maximum bending radius mm R520
Minimum bending radius mm R≥1.5D
Maximum bending angle Degree 190
Standard through the center length mm 4500
Control system / Microcomputer
Number of elbows allowed for pipe fittings Unit 16
Number of parts that can be stored Unit 16×16
Hydraulic motor power KW 22
Maximum system pressure Mpa 14
Hydraulic system control Solenoid valve
Fuel tank capacity L 400
Machine tool dimensions mm 6400×1850×1500
Machine weight Kg 7300

Main accessories

Parts Brand
Machine frame ANTISHI
Main electrical components Taiwan
Hydraulic valve Taiwan
Relief valve Taiwan
Electric motor China
High pressure tubing ANTISHI
Oil pump China
Switching power supply Taiwan
Bearing HRB,China

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