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CNC Pipe Bender and Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Pipe bending machine is a widely cited equipment. Its main uses are boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, electric power construction, automobile pipeline processing construction and some maintenance. “Pipe bending machine” is said to bend “pipes”, but in fact it can also bend “I-shaped steel”, “channel steel”, “angle iron”, “wire rod” and so on; it can also roll coiled pipes, “U” shaped pipes, half pipe etc. According to the working form, the pipe bending machine can be divided into two categories: CNC pipe bending machine and hydraulic pipe bending machine.
The hydraulic pipe bender has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure and simple operation. In addition to the pipe bending function, the pipe bending machine can also use the oil cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with CNC pipe bending equipment, it has the characteristics of low price and convenient use. It occupies a leading position in the domestic pipe bending machine market. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both types of pipe benders.

CNC pipe bender: In cold state, the pipe can be bent into one bending radius or two bending radii. It is widely used in bending various pipe fittings and wires in industries such as automobiles and air conditioners. The pipe bending machine is mainly used for plastic forming of pipes.
1.It has the function of accelerating the moving speed and obtaining fast acceleration and deceleration at the same time.
2. The self-calibration pressure belt is automatically positioned and can be set quickly.
3. Semi-automatic or automatic feeding table.
4. The position-controlled pipeline pressurization system is suitable for applications with small radius and complex elbows.
5. Three-station workbench: It can process multi-curvature, multi-diameter, mixed elbow and rectangular polygon.

The hydraulic pipe bender has the function of pipe bending and lifting pipe bending tools. It has the advantages of simple structure, safe use, convenient operation, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading speed, convenient portability, and one machine with multiple functions.
1. The pipe bending machine adopts touch screen plus numerical control module, dialogue operation, and the program setting is simple and easy.
2. The bed structure is stable and not easy to deform.
3. Each file can set 16 bending angles, and the memory can store 16 groups of files.
4. With slow positioning function, the bending angle is stable, and the repeatability can reach ±0.1.
5. The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator to eliminate it immediately.



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