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Factors that affect the accuracy of machining centers

With the development of science and technology, machining centers have become the main force of processing, and more and more machining centers have become necessary equipment for production. The machining centers are not affected by human beings, the processing consistency is good, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, and the Production efficiency and an effective tool for processing complex parts, so the machining accuracy of the machining center has become a common concern for everyone. Now we analyze the factors that affect the machining accuracy and make a summary. Everyone should try to avoid them in actual use:

1.The screw clearance of the machining center: The positioning accuracy of the machining center directly affects the machining accuracy of the workpiece, and the temperature has an important impact on the positioning accuracy. If there is no machine tool in a constant temperature workshop, the machine tool should be run dry before machining every day. To keep the temperature of the machine tool and the outside temperature all the time, during processing, we commonly call it a heat engine, and the backlash of the lead screw should also be checked frequently.

2.The level of the machine tool: The level of the CNC machine tool is also an important indicator that affects the accuracy of the machine tool, so the machine tool should be checked and adjusted frequently. Now most of the machine tools are castings, and the level adjustment is also a means to prevent the deformation of the machine tool.

3.Spindle: The taper hole of the spindle is for installing the tool, and the accuracy of the taper hole and the taper of the tool holder is also an important link to ensure the machining accuracy.

4.Tool: The quality of the tool in the machining center is a crucial factor that directly affects the machining accuracy, and the life of the tool determines the machining accuracy.

5.Errors in measurement and fixture positioning will also affect machining accuracy.

6.Influence of chip liquid: Many machine tool users do not pay attention to chip liquid, thinking that as long as the tool is cooled, it is enough. In fact, this is not the case. This will be explained in detail in the future explanation.


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