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How much can the spindle speed of the surface grinder generally reach?

The spindle speed of the surface grinder is 3000 rpm under normal use. If you want to make the spindle faster, then you must install a speed governor, also called a frequency converter, which can increase the spindle speed and reduce the spindle speed. The maximum limit speed is 3600 rpm, and the minimum can make it one or two revolutions. A surface grinder with a larger table can also be installed, but it is not as high as a small grinder. Generally, it is 1600 to 2500 rpm. In grinding cutting force It needs to be installed when it is old. If it is not needed when grinding general product workpieces, it will be spoiled if installed. It depends on the customer’s own positioning and choice!

Generally, small grinders are divided into 614S, 618S surface grinders, which are used to grind some small and high-precision workpieces, and workpieces with high surface finish and phase difference requirements. There are also larger types, 3060, 4080, and 50100. This is suitable for grinding some mass-produced and larger workpieces, such as larger templates, templates and workpieces of the same type, and larger surface grinders adopt hydraulic equipment and servo equipment, semi-automatic mode or full-automatic mode , Professional grinding of counterpart workpieces, miniaturized workpieces cannot be ground.

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